Nathan's Water Conservation Project

Originally posted on Facebook: August 2016

BIG shout out to those that bought powder from us in June and July, because of you we were able to make a donation to a current Volunteer's project in Nepal.

Nathan Caleb's community is left with insufficient water supply four months of the year making farming, cooking, cleaning, and maintaining personal hygiene extremely difficult. This burden falls heavily on the women in the community when they have to walk upwards of 2 miles a day for their daily water supply. Nathan's water conservation project will improve the quality of life for 1,100 people, that's pretty awesome! Keep up the great work Nathan!

If you want to donate to Nathan's project, here's the link:…/water-security-and-conserv…/

And the next time you refill your glass with water be thankful you didn't have to walk 2 miles to get it.

Kelsey Bigbee