Hement's Story


Facebook has gotten a bad rap recently because of “fake news” that is spread on a daily basis but one thing Facebook is good at is connecting us with people from all over the world. Recently, I connected with Hement Raj Kaphale on Facebook and saw all his posts related to Moringa, clean energy, and climate change. I was so intrigued by his posts I decided to reach out to him to learn more about his work with Moringa and climate change in Nepal.

Hement became fascinated with the environment and trees at a young age. At the age of nine, he was giving trees to family members and friends as birthday and festival gifts. He continued to educate himself around issues related to climate change while obtaining his Master’s in Education. He shares his knowledge and passion about the environment with the students at a secondary private school where he is the principal.

In addition to educating youth about the environment, Hement created the Climate Care Campaign in Nepal which is a nonprofit organization focused on improving environmental factors that affect climate change. This organization is currently working on a campaign to ban plastic bags in Nepal, weekly road cleanups, and planting more trees including Moringa in Nepal. Hement plans on gifting 20,000 trees to be planted in communities around Nepal. He has been given numerous awards for his work as a climate change activist including the National Green Activist Award from the Forest Minister of Nepal, Samarasta International Award from India, and made Honorary Member to the World Peace Mission and Human Rights Academy.

At Ruhk, we are inspired by all the work Hement has done in making the world a cleaner, safer place to live. We look forward to seeing what else he will accomplish in the future. If you are interested in learning more about Climate Care Campaign and why Hement is promoting Moringa or you want to follow more of Hement’s work, like their Facebook page. Plus, there are some really great photos of all the work they are doing in Nepal, you’ll definitely leave the page feeling inspired and wanting to make a difference in your community. I urge you to continue to find the amazing, awe-inspiring people that are DO-ing GOOD in the world.

Kelsey Bigbee