Our Fund

On July 14th, 2019 Ruhk launched its fund to further support Moringa farmers in Nepal. Through our Capital Fund, Ruhk can support farmers by helping them purchase more land, purchase equipment and technology that improves the drying and milling production of the Moringa leaves, and provide technical support and assistance to farmers wishing to export their products.

We launched our fund with the First Annual Taste of Nepal: A Community-Building Extravaganza. It’s our goal to continue to do events like it around Minnesota to give people an opportunity to experience authentic Nepali food and culture firsthand. Learn more about the Taste of Nepal: A Community Extravaganza, here.

At Ruhk, we believe in DOING GOOD but recognize that sometimes doing good can have a damaging impact (ahem..white saviorism). We do our best to center the needs and wants of the farmers we work with to provide ethical support, and on the back-end we are actively unlearning and unpacking white supremacy and white saviorism through books and social media influencers (and paying them).

That being said, we removed previous stories of projects we donated to because stories and photos were shared without permission. We hope to continue to share our success stories and the stories of those we work with in a manner that is uplifting and ethical. Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures!

We are always accepting donations for our Capital Fund.

Thank you for your support!