What's Ruhk?

Our name, Ruhk, comes from the Nepali word for tree. While I was living in Nepal I noticed how much trees were a part of everyday life in Nepal, in a way that was unfamiliar to me from my daily life in the States. In Nepal, trees were the providers of all of your basic needs. It was shelter and relief from the sweltering sun during a long day of harvesting rice. Trees are the source for firewood to cook food and huddle around during a cold winter night. And they are a source of food. Nepal is blessed with an abundant source of delicious tropical fruit trees.

To me Moringa is the end all be all of trees, which is why it has been branded as “The Tree of Life” and “The Miracle Tree”. The possibilities for this tree are endless. Not only are all parts of the tree rich in vitamins and minerals but the seeds can be pressed into oil that never goes rancid. The seeds can purify water. And now researchers are exploring how Moringa can be used as biofuel. This tree is more than a dietary supplement; I truly believe it has the potential to save the world. Well, maybe not save the world but definitely provide alternative to solving critical ailments in the world. Moringa is THE tree.

Kelsey Bigbee