Hi! I'm Kelsey, the one Woman Show behind Ruhk. I started Ruhk to continue my Peace Corps Project, it is my Peace Corps Baby.

I served in Nepal from 2013-2015. I worked with farmers, Mothers groups, and other community members to promote Moringa encourageing them to grow it at their homes. One farm that I worked with was interested in selling their Moringa Powder the U.S. but needed to find a buyer, so I said I would do it. It has been a wild ride ever since I decided to take that leap. 

My time in Nepal was a life changing experience. I built a life in Nepal with family and made lifelong friends, and found a community that embraced me with my blond Hair and blue eyes with limited language. My time in Nepal help me find a passion for something, and it put me down a challenging and exciting path. Since starting Ruhk I have learned a lot about what it takes to start a business and be an entrepreneur. It has not been without challenge but It has been a truly rewarding experience to participate in events and share Moringa with more people and continue to support the farmers in Nepal. I am excited for Ruhk to grow and expand and see where this journey takes me.

Ruhk has two missions: to help people FEEL GOOD and to DO GOOD. Ruhk is more than a powder to me, it is a way of life. It is showing up for yourself each and everyday, and treating your body with respect because it does so many incredible things for you. The second mission is to DO GOOD. We DO GOOD by donating our profits back to agriculture projects in Nepal and some projects/organizations in the States that are close to my heart.


What does Ruhk Mean?

In Nepali, Ruhk means Tree. And life in Nepal kind of revolves around trees. Trees are the source of shade on a hot day, a place to take a break from planting rice. Trees are a source of fire for cooking all the delicious foods. Trees are a source of food, there is an abundant amount of fruit trees in Nepal.